Friday, February 19, 2010

Feb 19th, 2010

Well, A few things new this week. One, for the past couple of months I was using a normal scale and then I switched over to a digital scale. My old scale was off by 4lbs...the entire time, I weighed my daughters to be sure. So though I thought I weighed 195 but in actuality I weighed 199 (Major bummer day for me). So I'm assuming that the weight loss was still the same, but the actual weight wasn't. But now that I have a digital scale (Which seems to be a must) I have a more accurate weight to go by now.
I have lost a total of.... 25.8lbs. Go Me!!!! That's an exciting number. But from the HCG alone I've lost a total of 15.8. I've had those discouraging days where I only lose .4 lbs, or nothing at all....but I guess all you can do is keep riding through it.
My last day for this dose will be on Feb. 28th, and so I plan on working out in between doses, I would like to see some of the muscle definition that I had before I got married....(don't we all).
And I know this sounds weird, but I often find myself with my hands wandering over my arms, stomach and butt....because they feel so foreign to me and I think to myself "This cant be my butt". But I feel it one more time, and sure enough it is.
I'm proud of the progress I've made, and sadly a few months ago, I would have seen myself the same weight if not more for the rest of my life. It's like every pound I gained, I took permanent ownership of. When you first start gaining weight it's different, because you tell yourself, I can lose that....but once the pounds start packing on, your life and thoughts's part of who you are.
So losing weight, isn't just losing's also losing the person who got you into that state in the first place. This is more freedom I've had over anything in my life in a long time. I'm slowly saying goodbye to my fat friend...and saying a tearful hello to a long lost healthy friend I haven't seen in ages.

Todays Weight: 195.2
Goal Weight: 137
Weight to go: 58.2 (Much better than 84lbs to go).

I will post some after pics on March 3rd, After my first HCG dose is over. Thanks for the support guys, I love ya.


  1. So where did you purchase your HCG from?

  2. My sister got it for me, but I know she ordered it from Canada. You can get it from a Dr. in the US....but, it's a lot more expensive to do it that way. My step mom paid upwards of $300-$400 dollars when she went to a clinic for it. Comparing $50-$70 to $300-$400 is huge!!!!