Thursday, February 11, 2010

In the beginning....

Hi, If ya'll don't know who I am...My name is Jessica, I started this weight loss journey the day after I bought a scale. I weighed a whopping 217lbs, I'm 5"6 and have two children. To be honest, it's always been a daunting thought to start to lose weight, one because It's a long way to my goal weight of 137lbs, second I was afraid of failing, and third I couldn't remember what it was like to be physically fit and thin.
I have been on this journey for only a month, but so far...I'm extremely proud of myself. I have lost a total of 22lbs. That's a huge decrease and every morning when I hop on that scale, it's an amazing feeling to see the pounds just melt off.
I first started with a detox and stopped drinking soda pop....with that alone I lost 14lbs in a week. I felt lighter and happier, because I didn't feel weighed down by all the parasites in my body. I wasn't sure what my next step was, but I was determined to keep going. My sisters were on what is called the HCG and VLCD (Very low calorie diet), my sister bought me some without me knowing, and I'm very glad that she did.
I began that about a week ago, I decided to take the shot because I didn't want to have to remember to do two oral drops a day. And frankly giving myself a shot once a day is not bad at all.
After one week of the HCG, I have lost 22lbs total. I don't feel hungry, I don't have the old cravings that I did...and slowly my body is reshaping back into something I vaguely remember. A couple of benefits of the HCG is it takes weight from the abnormal fat cells and destroys those fat cells, so after your off the HCG...the fat doesn't come back very easily, also it resets your metabolism. I feel good, a wonderful side affect of the HCG.
HCG protocol originated in the 1950's by a Dr. Simeons and is a hormone found in pregnant women, I know it sounds weird and a little crazy. But I have researched the source on where it comes from and the tests that have been done on it and it's completely safe to take (even for men). My brother in law and both of my sisters have been on it longer, and their results are amazing. My sister has 10lbs to her goal weight and my other sister is going on her second round of HCG in a week.
Another thing I've noticed is, from people who have been on it, despite there fast weight loss, don't have sagging skin...
I sound like an advertisement, but I can't help's definitely something to be excited about.
However it does take a lot of willpower to stay on the VLCD while you're taking the HCG. But I found that doing a detox a week before starting has helped immensely. I don't feel hungry like some people do. However, I realized my biggest issue is drinking enough water, which is a definite must if you want to lose the maximum amount of weight. In basic terms, when this starts working, it takes your abnormal fat cells and empties them and then replaces the fat with water...after the fat cell is broken down, the water turns to urine...and there you go, you have a sudden need to urinate a lot and those abnormal fat cells are gone. (It's more scientific than that, but that's it in a nutshell).
But, I figure if I can do this, anyone can. I will post once a week or more if I remember. I have posted some before and after pics of my detox, however I haven't taken another after pic, I'll probably do those once a week also.
I will also link some cool websites that I have used to help me keep track of my calorie intake, weight loss, fun recipes, support groups, etc. BTW these are all free....
First suggestion is:


  1. Wow you are doing and looking great! Congrats! You have great support system it sounds like especially from Sarah. So I'm sure you will do great! I too have had great success on HCG!Keep up the determination and everything else is easy!


  2. LOL! Had to spread the word about how freaking awesome you're doing!

    Determination and willpower are key. Like me, you have reached that point in your life where you have had enough. Why be overweight when there are options? HCG is a great tool to get you started on a healthier lifestyle. It will not do all the work for you, but it's a great starting point.


  3. Well I must say I love the idea of blogging, I'm also excited to see the before and afters. I love you and hope you know I'm here for you.

  4. Thanks guys!!!! =) And yes, blogging does help keep me on track. And it's nice to meet you Mike.

  5. This is all very interesting to me. I want to do more research but I am like you and when I gain a pound it just doesn't go away. It stays FOREVER. I am very interested in trying this too. BY the way you look AWESOME! Thanks for inviting me and letting me in on this HCG thing!

  6. Sure, and here is my sisters youtube info ...she does a video blog. I can get you more information and send it your way.